First Impressions With BeMac Landscape Design

One of the first things you notice about a project is the landscaping and the plant material. How the landscaping works with the architecture and how the plants work with each other takes thought, professional trading and a plan. At Be-Mac Services we train our people to plant properly and to understand which plants do well under specific environmental conditions. Solid conditions, orientation to the sun, and what plants work best with each other are critical considerations for successful landscaping. You can rest assured that before our crew arrives at your location, Be-Mac Services has carefully considered all these factors. Be-Mac uses only top quality Florida Number One plants. This includes picking the best sod for your particular needs. All plants are hand selected from our nursery or from the fields of Florida’s professional nurserymen. Remember, first impressions are the strongest, and Be-Mac Services will deliver a product and landscape that will make the best impression.